Sunday, September 29, 2013

Moments in time

This blog has always been as much of a direct line to my heart as it has to my stomach. I'm filled with so many emotions when I visit these posts and reminisce on these special moments with people, locked in time forever. Some of them are the literally the happiest moments of my life, where I have received and given the most love and I'm so grateful to have experienced them.

Food is synonymous with love in many cultures. There aren't many things more intimate than preparing food for guests. When you welcome someone into your home, it's a symbol of trust, when you prepare them food, it's a token of gratitude & care. In its most base sense, you are showing them love by providing them with that vital life necessity.

In the last months, I've had the most turbulent times in love and life, & despite my best efforts, I feel like I may have lost the love OF my life. Despite all of the heartbreak and turbulence, by nature, this place will live on as a record of those times when love could overcome everything. I still believe in love, and it's power to overcome anything.

I have been sitting on these photos since the end of Summer, unsure what to write about them, but it was a night when me, Birta, Harriet Finbar and Simon made a Thai green curry from absolute scratch at Sonnenallee 71. Even though the last months seem to be peppered with heartbreak, and this home only exists as a memory now, it's a reminder of the moments there when it was full of love.


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