Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Glasgow - The Shitty that Shines.

I still don't understand why I travel, but maybe the answer is in the question? Perhaps I travel to figure out why I travel? Maybe I am actually defining what is important to me by evaluating it in a foreign environment? It could even be possible that I'm not cut out for traveling, & I just haven't figured it out yet. I hope not. One thing is for sure, I have discovered that most of my enjoyable travel destinations have owed more to the people encountered whilst visiting, than the actual resonance of the city. Of course both factors coincide, & it's fair to say that an amazing city can still be good without company, conversely, a piece of shit city can be fucking awesome if you are with the right crowd. I would like to reign in my critical slander right here, because Glasgow is actually not a piece of shit city. Parts of it are grand & beautiful, charming & spacious. Then there are just plenty of areas that are made of pure grimness. It can be grey, gloomy, downtrodden & depressing. What really redeems it are Scottish people, they are just so bloody lovely. During my trip I met a handful of really charming Scots, & my heart goes out to them. They exude a genuine kindness & hospitality which is long been bred out of many other cultures. I wish I'd had the opportunity to get to the bottom of what a proper Scottish meal is like, as I still have this rather awful impression that they survive solely on fried food & IRN BRU (which, by the way, I am kind of addicted to now). The one dish I photographed there was a homemade breakfast of French toast, because I'm completely post-modern & ironic. It was pretty good though.

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