Wednesday, September 28, 2011

3-frame roast pork

This was the second roast I ever made, which probably says a lot about my fear of kitchens during adolescence. Like most teenagers, I was really unsure of myself, and always thought that cooking was an exact science with strict measurements, timings & procedures. Sure, this is true for some dishes, but cooking really is empirical, experimentation is welcome, and 80% of things will go right 100% of the time, if you have even enough common sense.

Every time I attempted to cook a meal at home as a teenager, the only things that would heat up was my temper. I would get annoyed at my mother racing through things that I didn't understand - I mean seriously, sometimes you need to explain the most basic things to someone embarking on a task for the first time; like, don't just tell them to "boil vegetables", explain that they need to make sure all their vegetables are cut to a similar size so they'll cook evenly, and to put the harder ones in earlier, because they cook slower, and also to get the water boiling before they put them in!

Needless to say, teenagers don't take criticism well, and mothers often have the habit of liking things done "their way", even if it's actually unimportant. This combination of bad experiences and my misinformation on the great difficulty of cooking really put me off getting into the kitchen for a long time. This is such a standard dish, I'm not even going to bother including a recipe, as this post is really just a giant "TOLD YOU I COULD COOK" to my mother who believed I would go through life with the culinary skills of a badger.

Bon appetit, roast pork, potatoes, leeks, sweet potato with Bramley apple sauce & baby spinach, feta & tomato salad.

A happy Dan & Jae stuffing their gobs.

The clean up.
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